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Client Testimonials

Beauty by Alana ensured I not only looked and felt my best, but my entire bridal party and family did too! SO talented and easy to work with. Prompt at responding, professional and great style! Would highly recommend.

Kalla Berk

Alana and I went to university together for visual arts and that’s truly what she is- a real artist! Alana can create virtually any “look”. Every time she does my makeup it feels incredibly natural. No cakey or thick foundation. She did my makeup on my wedding day and it was absolutely perfect the entire day. (It was also a humid summer day.) Alana is professional, sweet, and makes you feel very comfortable through the entire process. I highly recommend her for your next event- you won’t be disappointed!

Alexandra Malfatti

My makeup stayed ALL day, for 19 hours, since 5am on my wedding. Believe it or not, my eyeshadow didn't crease and I have oily lids so this was surprising enough! Totally admire her work. She made it easy and comforting throughout the trial and wedding day makeup. The work you see on her photos are amazing but once you see the actual results, it's even better!!! She wasn't kidding about the false lashes staying on and not falling off, which was beneficial for me because of my super oily lids. I definitely recommend her. She'll ensure that you're satisfied and happy with the results. Thank you for making my day run smooth. You didn't make me feel a tad bit stressful in any way :)

Joanna Querubin

Hiring Alana was by far the best wedding purchase I made. She serviced both my engagement and wedding makeup and I plan to use her in the future. I highly recommend Alana because she will diminish any doubt in your mind that your makeup won't look on point. Till this day (no word of a lie) I get numerous compliments on how beautiful I looked. I don't usually take compliments well, but when I looked in the mirror that day, I said "wow" out loud. She uses the best products and is very precise. I can't thank her enough.

Ana Martins

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